Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Being polite is a way to show respect and consideration

The REAP Formula for Success and Satisfaction in Your Life:
Respect, Empathy, Appreciation, and Politeness

Being polite is a way of showing respect and consideration.

Your parents, grandparents, and teachers have no doubt insisted on politeness at one time or another. In simple terms, being polite means being considerate and respectful towards other individuals. In a broader sense, politeness often refers to the use of good manners in conducting ourselves. Courtesy and good manners show respect for others as well as yourself. Rudeness shows disrespect for others and a lack of caring.

Many seem to think that good manners are behaviors found only in well-to-do social settings. In reality, good manners are found in all settings and in simple everyday interactions. Examples include saying thank-you, helping someone carry a load, opening the door for a person, saying good morning or good evening to someone, or letting an elderly person go ahead of you in a line.

How you say something makes a difference also. A polite way of asking for more bread at dinner might be: “May I have another piece of bread,” or “Please pass the bread.” A less mannered approach might be: “Give me that now.” Politeness conveys an appreciation of others.

There are a few groups that consider polite behavior to be a weakness. In fact, you may find the opposite of respectful behavior dominates some groups. It’s simple to identify rude individuals. They can be identified by an unfriendly frown that accompanies statements such as “get it yourself,” “I’m not your mother,” and “take a hike.”

Choose carefully how you want to represent yourself and relate to others. If you want to be a respectful and considerate person, give politeness and manners a try. You will find that such qualities benefit others, your family, and yourself, and is a trait found among successful individuals.

The REAP Formula reflects key considerations for growing in healthy ways.  The letters stand for Respect, Empathy, Appreciation, and Politeness. Learning to embrace these traits provides a blueprint for respecting yourself, relating to others in positive ways, and personal growth.

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