Wednesday, October 14, 2015

"Thank You" is a way to show appreciation and respect

The REAP Formula for Success and Satisfaction in your Life:
Respect, Empathy, Appreciation, and Politeness

Showing appreciation to others is a welcomed gesture.

Most of us welcome the positive feelings that accompany expressions of gratitude. It may be as simple as someone saying thanks for our help with a task. Appreciation also implies an understanding of the value or worth of something; for example, you took your personal time to help me out. Saying thank you also removes any doubt that you are aware of another person’s effort or contribution to something. Showing appreciation, saying thanks, and expressing respect for the efforts of others is a powerful way to build relationships and enhance friendship.

Words and gestures that express our positive thoughts towards others
help boost the feelings of the people receiving them.

It is important to take an honest review of yourself to determine if you are a person who expresses gratitude towards others. At the same time, evaluate if you are someone who takes things for granted. Your home setting is a great place to start.
Here are a few questions to consider:

·      How often do you express appreciation to your parents or other family members?
·      Do you typically thank them for the daily things they do for you; for example, meals, rides to school, money for food, and so on?
·      How often do you give them a token of your gratitude; for example, a thank-you card or doing a task that helps them (cleaning the kitchen)?
·      If you are bold enough, ask a parent or mentor to give you feedback about whether they know how much you appreciate them.

As mentioned in previous blogs, empathy is a quality that will help you with this process. Having an understanding of how others might feel in a situation will often increase your appreciation for them and their efforts. In short, an important part of being respectful towards others is showing and expressing appreciation.

Once you evaluate how well you express appreciation, consider ways to increase how often you say thanks to others.

The REAP Formula reflects key considerations for growing in healthy ways.  The letters stand for Respect, Empathy, Appreciation, and Politeness. Learning to embrace these traits provides a blueprint for respecting yourself, relating to others in positive ways, and personal growth.

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