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Student Tips - Boost your test taking skills - A

Tips to boost your test taking skills - A

Most students view tests as the most stressful part of school. And it many ways it can be. But most settings require tests as a way to measure progress. In short, it’s part of our school life. Most teachers give tests that are a fair representation of the information that has been taught. Such tests give both the teacher and the student a good idea of how they are doing. You have also probably had teachers who give tests that seem impossible and who are not open to feedback. Get use to that also. It’s part of the differences in teachers, their approaches, and what they are trying to measure. You will likely hear about such teachers ahead of time from older classmates.

There are two types of test-taking skills. The first type involves preparing for the test while the second involves tactics that apply while taking the test. As we have discussed in previous blogs, test preparation begins with planning and organizing your studies as you approach the test. 

Here is a brief review of earlier points and a few new ideas.
  • Plan your study periods to make sure you have enough time to learn the material.
  • Review material often so that you will better retain it.
  • Ask your teacher what will be emphasized on the test, and make your reviews consistent with this.
  • Spacing your study reviews over several sessions is a key tactic to improve retention of the material.
  • Using more than one of your senses (for example, visual, auditory, and fine motor/writing) will help enhance your memory.
  • Use techniques such as paraphrasing, asking and answering questions, and teaching someone else the material as part of your review process.
  • Consider study groups if your peers are seriously preparing for the test.
  • Keep your thinking positive and focused on the study process to help replace stressful thoughts. For example: “I’ll reread the notes and review the material enough to do great.”
  • Try to keep yourself physically and mentally alert with wholesome food, exercise, and rest.
In the second segment of this blog, we will review more tips for successfully taking various types of tests.

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