Thursday, June 18, 2015

Student Tips: Make study time a daily priority.

Make study time a daily priority.

We discussed the importance of practicing time management in previous blogs. Establishing priorities and better planning your time are the essential components of that process. Making study time a top priority and setting up a daily routine to help manage this is a helpful tactic. Here’s a critical strategy to keep in mind when setting up a study routine.

It’s more effective to begin studying for an exam a few days in advance rather than trying to learn the material the night before the test.

To make study periods effective, establish a few simple rules.
  • First, study time requires a quiet place and a helpful atmosphere.
  • Second, distractions of all types should be removed.
  • Third, needed supplies and aids should be readily available.
  • Fourth, there should be a minimum amount of time set aside for this priority. For example, if no homework is due, consider using the time to study ahead for a test, read the next chapter, or study a topic related to your coursework.
The goal is to establish an effective level of studying for a given period of time.

It would be helpful to ask your parents to involve all members of the family in
the study time routine. Even young siblings should try to stay quietly occupied and focus on age-related books, puzzles, and games. And when needed, ask a parent or peer to help out with a specific task; for example, calling out spelling words or asking questions

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