Saturday, June 27, 2015

Teen Help Wanted! Get organized.

Get your stuff together, and then keep your stuff neat.

Getting your stuff organized and keeping your space neat is an ongoing argument in many households. Try to think about this away from the complaints of your parents.
Here’s a quick reality check, and there’s little doubt about it.

It is very simple to get your stuff organized and easy keep your space neat.
In fact, it may be easier to be organized than it is to be disorganized.

You may ask, why all the fuss about getting organized?

Answer: Because it simply makes your life so much easier. You know where things are and you can get things done quicker. For example, you know where your clean shirts are hanging and can grab them at any time. Forget about parental fussing for a moment, it will make your life easier.

It is a guarantee that you will find that most responsible work settings will insist that you be an organized person.

Here's another question you may ask: Why am I disorganized?!/Time-Management-Strategies-to-Boost-Success-in-School-and-Life/p/51455941/category=0

Answer: Get serious, the answer is because you are too lazy to get organized. If laziness isn’t the answer, try this second response: It’s because you are not serious, motivated, or wise enough to get organized.

Even though it sounds foolish, once you invest in getting organized, you will be happy with the results. You will be more effective and you will have more time for the activities that you enjoy. Your household will benefit too.

Here are some simple tips that you already have heard from a parent.
  • Have a logical place for items that are used frequently.
  • As part of a daily routine, clean your room and put things back in place.
  • Set your clothes up in a manner that makes sense. For example, arrange clothes for school, daily use, fun, etc.
  • Wash your own stuff; dry the stuff; fold the stuff; put your stuff in the right place. 
  • Ask your parents to teach you to iron items when you’re able to do so.
  • Make a habit of throwing away used up stuff, as in empty cans and bottles.
  • Giveaway or donate clothing that you no longer wear. Same with toys, games, and other items you outgrew and have no reason to keep.
  • Add your own ideas in here.
Make sure you include time management tactics in your efforts to get and stay organized. For example, having a daily time to get organized is a helpful tactic.

Read about individuals and students who have organized themselves in successful ways. Copy and add their helpful tips into your routine.

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