Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Teen Help Wanted! Give gratitude a try.

Your parents will welcome your expressions of gratitude.

All of us welcome positive feedback from time to time. And your parents and other family members are no exceptions. In short, words and gestures that express your positive feelings towards others boost the spirits of the people receiving them. Expressing gratitude and showing respect are two great ways to help create a healthy atmosphere in your household. The words thank-you are very comforting and reassuring to your parents.

Here are a few important personal questions to consider.
  • How often do you express appreciation to your parents and other family members?
  • How often do you show respect for them and their efforts?
  • Are you someone who expresses positive feelings and thanks towards your family; or, are you someone who takes others for granted?
Think about what you want your parents to know about your feelings about what they do for you? Then choose how you want to come across to them on a daily basis. In short, choose what type of person you want to be and how to best express your feelings towards your parents.

Reflect for a moment on what the meaning of respect is to you.

Respect refers to the positive thoughts and feelings one has about someone or something of value. It includes an understanding of why they are important and relevant and why they should be treated with appreciation. Respect often involves treating a person or situation with consideration, thankfulness, and care. And as you will gather from the above ideas, showing appreciation is a great way to show respect.

Taking care of your family, yourself, and your possessions
 are great ways to show respect for all.

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