Friday, June 26, 2015

Teen Help Wanted! Get your siblings to help.

Get your siblings to help with household tasks.

If you have brothers or sisters, get them to help out. This is especially true for your younger siblings who will often want to join in the activities that your are doing. This is a tremendous way for the family to prosper as even the youngest feel like they are part of the team. And it’s fun to do this. For example, pick out a very simple task and let them follow along with you. If you’re folding the clothes, let them fold simple items. By doing these easy things, you are providing an example and sharing your know-how.!/Building-Healthy-Relationships/p/51455935/category=0 
Here are five helpful tips:

1.  Demonstrate the behavior that you want your siblings to imitate. When doing helpful acts, let them visually observe the behavior. This makes the learning steps easier and imitation often follows.

2.  Coach the behavior in a supportive way. For example: “Let me show you a quicker way to do that.”

3.  Compliment your siblings and their efforts as you go. Like all of us, they will welcome positive words, approval, and pats on the back. Such words help create a positive atmosphere and increase the chances of a behavior being repeated.

4.  Consider forming a family team and naming it. For example, the Cleanup Crew is needed. As corny as this may sound, younger siblings will embrace being a member of a team and joining in.

5. Fellowship with your siblings as you work together. This includes talking and sharing thoughts, teasing in friendly ways, and other positive communications. No harmful criticisms or hurtful topics are allowed, just friendliness. The goal is to enjoy yourselves in the midst of working together which will make completing tasks more agreeable.

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