Thursday, June 25, 2015

Teen Help Wanted! Just do it!

Be a doer. Jump in and help out. likely have seen the famous Nike ad that conveys the theme: Just Do It! The ad is almost 25 years old and still is used to send a message about action instead of idleness. While aimed at fitness, the message can be applied to an activity of any type: Get started, jump in, be a doer and not just a talker are all part of this general theme.

All of the ideas about helping your family are simply concepts that are highlighted in a blog. For them to become a reality, they need to be activated. You are the one who chooses whether to initiate the behaviors or to let them remain an inactive set of words on a screen or a piece of paper. You have to decide whether or not to use these tactics to build patterns of behavior to which you dedicate yourself.

Hopefully, you are already involved with family teamwork and helping with running the household. If that’s the case, thank you and congratulations for choosing to be a giver. If you are not helping out, identify what is blocking you from choosing to participate in your family’s growth. It may be helpful to give yourself an honest appraisal about your contributions to your parents or parent, their needs, and whether you want to help your family grow in positive ways.

Sharing your time, energy, and skills with your family will make you a giver rather than a taker and your efforts will be a welcomed gift to all.

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