Monday, June 29, 2015

Teen Help Wanted! Give part of your time to your family.

Give part of your time to your family.

Even though you may feel stressed to meet your daily obligations from school, activities, and friends, consider setting aside a part of your time to help your family. You will be surprised at how easy this can be, and how great a help it is to your family. And as you are getting older, you are likely becoming more aware of how important it is to manage your time and energy and use it wisely.

Here is an idea to explore: Establish a helpful routine that benefits your family. Examples abound.
                                                             !/Time-Management-Strategies-to-Boost-Success-in-School-and-Life/p/51455941/category=0Allow yourself to be realistic as you read through this.

If you are even halfway organized, here are a few simple tasks that require very little time.
  1. You can straighten your room in just a few minutes. It is ridiculously simple.
  2. Emptying the trash is a no-brainer.
  3. Picking up clothes and throwing away junk is too simple to discuss.
  4. Cleaning and putting items in their place in the kitchen is helpful while setting the table takes about a minute of your time.
  5. Feeding the dog can be handled by your little brother (with help).
  6. Quickly putting things in the dishwasher, or putting them up, is a cakewalk.
And you are better able to carry this theme on and on because you know your family's daily needs better than anyone. In short, you can jump-in anywhere and help and it will be appreciated.

Consider a helpful routine that you create on your own.

For example, dedicate 15 minutes of your time to helping your family in ways that are needed. Enlist the help of your siblings. Your younger brothers and sisters will likely follow your lead. Help them get started and remind them to keep going.

And here’s a neat gift for your parents: Ask them how you might help with the family tasks at home?

You can be sure your family will benefit from any such helpful efforts, and your parents will be grateful.

A final note: Practice getting both effective and efficient. Effective means you chose the right job to do. Efficient means that you do the job right. Better planning of your time and finishing your priorities quicker is a good way to start this. Getting your stuff better organized is another valuable tactic to help you improve your management efforts and performance.

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